Primary Requirements:

  • Must be homeless (no permanent or stable living arrangements)
  • Must be a Veteran
  • Must reside in the Salem-Kiezer metro  area for the 6 months or recently discharged

Step 1: Recruitment Phase.

The first step to Eligibility is to go through a Three Phase Assessment. These assessments will be done by referring agencies. Agencies will choose homeless men from their current roster who show a willingness to change and better themselves. (Easter Seals, H.O.A.P., Vet Center, U.G.M.)

Step 2: Initial Intake Interview Phase 1.

The second step is for the referring agencies to send potential program participants to the HOAP Case Manager who is a credentialed Quality Mental Health Assistant (QMHA) to conduct the first round of eligibility requirements. This includes but is not limited to a needs assessment, DD214 verification, Background Assessments, Mental Health, and various other assessments defined below.

Step 3: Peer Evaluation Phase 2.

Since the program is consumer based, it is important the current peers interview and get to know the candidate. As they will be living and working with the candidate if the candidate receives final approval. The peers developed their own set of interview questions which are encompassing and well planned. As a group, they pick up on or confirm behaviors that may be detrimental to the program.

Step 4: The Director’s interview Phase 3

The last and final step is the interview by the Program Director which is an intense 1 on 1 interview lasting up to a minimum of an hour. When the interview process is complete each interviewer gives their recommendations to the director. The Director and Project Coordinator weigh the collected information including the pros and cons to reach a joint decision, however, the Director has the final decision on the candidate(s).

 Needs Assessment:

  • Current Pain Level
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Disability Benefits (Y/N)
  • Personal Needs

Risk Assessment:

  • Criminal History (No Sex Offenders)
  • Suicide Risk Level
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency
  • How long have they been Homeless?

Peer Assessment:

  • Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Pending Court/Legal Issues
  • Pending  Debt Issues
  • DD214
  • Action Plan

Interview One: some examples asked by the QMHA.

Why are you homeless?

Why do you need to change?

What would you expect from a reintegration program?

Have you been through a program like this before?

What type of discharge did you receive and why?

What type of employment have you held in the past?

What obstacles to employment do you face?

Do you have any references?

What was your MOS?

Interview Two: some examples asked by the Director.

Have you managed anyone before? (need a leader for the house)

What skills do you bring to this program?

What kind of work ethic do you have? (Examples)

How do you feel about the program?

Convince me you can stand out?